Adoption Process

Any person or couple who are unable to have children of their own will never underestimate the importance of adoption; apart from the obvious things to consider there are also legal and emotional issues that need to be resolved. Adoption law in America is complicated and legal requirements are different in each state in addition to Federal laws to overcome. without a good working knowledge of both, there is little chance of the process being successful. Under the circumstances it is understandable that many people give up before they start; however, the right information can help to make the decision and process a little easier.

This is a permanent relationship that is created between one or two adults and a child formerly the son or daughter of someone else; it is quite normal for the child to have lost their parents and have no other surviving relatives to raise them. Some of the complexities are due to the fact that the adopting parents are taking full legal and emotional responsibility for the child; the child can also expect all the rights of a member of his or her new family. In effect, the adopted child becomes a new member of the family as if he or she had been born to the new parents and includes the right of inheritance should they die.

The adoption process must be fair to all concerned, in particular the child, so before it is finalized, the real parents must be made known to the court; this process helps to makes it withstand any later claims. Sometimes there may be difficulty obtaining details of the child's true biological parents; one frequent scenario consists of a child who is a ward of court, an orphan, or where the rights of their biological parents have been terminated by the courts. The Adoption of an infant is sometimes because the mother is not an adult and when this occurs, it is not unusual for her parental rights to the child to be terminated; usually at the same time as the adoption process to be completed.

One Federal law that must be followed is the home study which must be completed by any person or couple who has decided to adopt with the United States; this is stipulated by law and is a requisite in all the states in the country. The purpose of the home study is to provide proof that the adopted child will grow up in a clean, well balanced environment that is safe and secure. The state check criminal to ensure there will not be any safety issues when the child is adopted; a review of personal information and medical records will be checked along with a safety assessment of the child's new home.

Once this legal requirement has been completed and the adoptive parents have been given the all clear there may still be a short delay before the process is complete. The application is only completed when the judge who deals with family matters has had a chance to carefully inspect all the details gathered about all the parties involved. Adoption legislation is constantly changing, both federal and state; this is why it makes sense to know the law as this knowledge will also help you learn about the responsibilities and obligations as an adoptive parent.


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