Disability Insurance

One day, you may not be able to work owing an accident or illness that prevents a normal life so you should really think of disability insurance as a good thing to have; an illness or accident could prevent you from earning an income in your normal occupation. This allows a person who is incapacitated to get well without having to worry about how their family will survive. In fact statistically the average person will probably need some kind of disability cover before they retire.

It is an unfortunate fact that most people think they have a greater chance of dying than being laid off work through disability so life insurance policies are more popular. Those same statistics also provide the astonishing fact that a 40 year old worker has a greater chance of requiring three months or more off work owing to disability than they are of an early death before 65. The problem is disability insurance costs more than basic life cover as it is costlier to provide.

Some of the factors required to assess the premium include the age and health of the applicant but the largest part to calculate is how much income they will need whilst they are incapacitated. Many people find that they can reduce their monthly premiums by delaying when the first payment would be made to them; this means the provider would have less risk of paying out if the insured was only off from work for a short period. The other option to this would be to reduce the period of payments for incapacity; this can be a risky move if the period of incapacity is longer than the period arranged for payment.

Whatever your situation though, common plans usually cover only a specific percentage of your original salary. If you are looking into this subject then you will see that only a couple of plan options exist, the first being short term disability insurance. The other option is total disability cover; this can provide a long term (but reduced) income although this is only granted if the person can show they are no longer able to carry out their previous job.

Whatever the situation, a person making a claim owing to incapacitation will be sent a disability benefit check every month until the end of the plan or they return to work. Below are listed some areas that should be looked at when researching the benefits of any health policy:

* Previous medical problems
* Is the benefit taxable?
* Time frames for benefits
* Your current occupation

Disability insurance policies vary from one company to the next and the amount of income they protect against will differ so it must be ascertained before signing any agreement. These percentages vary and payouts can be anywhere from 40 to 70 percent, so don't neglect this important detail. This one fact amongst all of them should be the most important one to check on in detail because once you are incapacitated it is too late.


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