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Search Engine Promotion: Spread Overseas!

By Bob Schwartz, CRS, GRI ©2007 Promotions Unlimited all rights reserved.

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How about increasing your firm's search engine submissions to search engines outside the U.S.? After all, it is called that World Wide Net.

The main reason to get your real estate website listed on the foreign websites is:

 Good foreign search engine rankings will generate new clients!

We have experienced quality business from our top foreign search engine rankings for example, potential new immigrants, people looking to set up a business office, and a foreign couple who needed to get their son a San Diego attorney. This is particularly evident in major metropolitan areas.

My advice is valuable, and to show you first hand our main legal website has many number one page rankings. To see for yourself, below are some of our PAGE ONE rankings in foreign search engines for the phrase Orange County attorneys on the Los Angeles-Orange County legal;

 AOL-UK - Sympatico (Canada – MSN-UK – MSN-France – MSN Germany

Google Mexico - Google UK - Google Germany - Google Japan

Check today to see if your website is listed on the top foreign search engines. A good starting point is to check the engines hyper-linked above. Perhaps the best way to obtain high foreign search engine standings is to first achieve top ranking on the major US search engines.

Before a quest for higher rankings, you should obtain a comprehensive report on your site’s current page one through page three search standings. You need a base-line or starting point to see if your efforts are effective. An example of such a detailed report can be viewed at:

Running a report for your local competitor will not only enhance your reports usefulness but it will set a standard and goals to set for your site's success.

You should now run a link popularity report and again for your local legal competitors as well. Quality incoming links are the key to success in search engine ranking. You can view an example here:

Investing in improving your law firm’s search engines standings could become the most cost effective career investment you make.



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