Personal Injury Protection

For many people today, a personal injury protection policy has become something they consider necessary when driving in their everyday lives. Most people also have other responsibilities; those of a financial nature and family members that will need to be provided for. Some health insurance plans already incorporate personal injury protection along with other areas like disability or terminal illness for example. Insurance policies like this are costly to the average household that will budget its monthly outgoings carefully, but these are generally the people that are the most vulnerable.

The situation can be made worse when the policy has not been researched carefully and does not insure everything it was intended to. In America personal injury is now a required form of insurance cover in many states although the amount does vary depending where you are in the USA. The figures for this show massive variations with people living in Florida on requiring one tenth the amount that citizens in Alaska do. While there are a few states left that do not require personal injury protection by law yet, it is only a matter of time but that does not mean you cannot have this peace of mind right now.

However, the protection does not cover all the costs for the insured and his (or her) passengers, with the average policy paying up to eighty percent of expenses. As a no fault policy though, the plan pays for loss of earnings, medical expenses and various other costs for the policy holder and his passengers even if the insured was responsible for the situation. Owing the cost element in setting up insurance plans like this, it is worthwhile inspecting any current arrangements you have to see if there are areas already protected to keep the expense down. It could be that the cost of lost wages and medical bills may be recovered through an existing health insurance policy.

Depending on the plan, you may not require any additional cover or only minimal in the worst case scenario. Drivers that have more than their fair share of accidents are more likely to require personal injury protection even though it may cost them more. What many drivers do not realize is that although they may be covered by their own health insurance for medical bills, other passengers, unless they are named on the policy, probably will not be. Needless to say, if you find that the cover afforded by the personal injury protection is insufficient for passengers then you will have to top this cover up.

Any passenger in your vehicle should feel safe so it is the driver's responsibility to ensure this is the case. If you live in a state that does not have mandatory personal injury protection you may want to add this into your portfolio. Your insurance policy costs can depend on many factors, including, age and current health conditions, both of which can lower your premium considerably. Younger drivers however, do not fair so well if they are inexperienced with little insurance cover in place but they are often in greater need of good health insurance cover to protect themselves and any family they have.


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